Headache Sir dard سر درد


Pain or ache in the head and the neck region.

Persons most commonly affected:

All age groups and both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved:


Symptoms and indications:

A tight squeezing pain in the forehead or around the back of the head or neck. May be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Causes and risk factors:

There are many causes of headache and some are more serious than others. Common causes are stress, tiredness, feverishness accompanying an infection such as a cold, an excess of close work involving the eyes, dyspepsia, overexposure to hot sun and hunger. Other more serious causes include uraemia and kidney failure, high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, glaucoma, brain disorders and infections such as meningitis, encephalitis, small inflammation of the brain, tumour and aneurysm. Also, a headache is a common symptom following brain injury or concussion. Headaches may also be due to various types of tension, fatigue, anxiety or emotional upset.


To avoid headaches caused by food additives, eat meals that you have prepared from whole foods. Make sure you get enough fiber to reduce the chance of headaches induced by constipation or toxic buildup. Also include sources of both calcium and magnesium in your diet. Soy products, green leafy vegetables, and beans are all rich in calcium. Green leafy vegetables abd brans are good sources of magnesium as well, as are nuts, bananas, and wheat germ. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar products. Very cold foods can also cause headaches. Ice cream and cold drinks are frequent culprits, so avoid them.

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