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Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad – Pakistan

The jariboti.pk is our digital platform of herbs farms, We are proud to state that we have herbal farms across Pakistan and successfully exporting our unique herbs around the world since 1970, but recently the digital ecommerce bloom provide us a chance to serve our own people.

Now you can take full advantage of our herbal Shop to buy many of the herbs affordably that are premium and costly, we have more than 19 Herbal Farms and 7 affiliated labs working delicately to develop herbal remedies.

Out store make sure you get the premium quality product at your door step with out any hassle. You can also take appointment to visit our herbal farm to increase your knowledge and provide us a chance to host you.

Herbal Medication

Now a day Doctors, Hakeems and People realized that how herbal medication is essential and how can they connect back to this form of pharmacy which is distant now. This legacy has almost been lost and modern-day pharmacy took over and people chosen opting for quick results rather than curing their illness in a correct way and a method which is not risky in any means. Nature has so much in store for us which can benefit us in stunning ways. As 25% of the drugs prescribed worldwide are resulting from plants then why cannot we take 100% advantage from them?

And after years and years of over medicating and facing temporary results people are beginning to pay more attention to natural and herbal medicine so that the root of the illness could be treated rather than the illness itself. Today, herbs are being used to treat a number of health concerns and conditions, including allergies, arthritis, migraines, fatigue, diabetes and skin infections etc.these herbs are less expensive and they are a safer mean of treatment than conventional medications.

Some of Our Highlights

Our Products are 100% Original and Herbal, directly gathered from our herbal farms, who anyone can visit & enjoy.

We have the fastest delivery, considering a whole process, whether your order is 50 gram or 50 thousand gram, we collect your herbs from our available farms, then pack them and sent you through courier service considering this it takes 2 – 7 working days.

We have one of the finest honey, not like other farms who use especial chemical on flowers and plant to enhance taste and production, sacrificing the quality, but we have large farms on which we produce honey-combs on out own trees and then collect.

Herbs Freshness is guaranteed through various methods, by using V-lock anti-air technology, our herbs deliver fresh as farms! We do not use any kind of chemical or any substance to preserve or retain the freshness of Herbs.

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