Assyrian Plum ( Sapistan )

also known as
Sebesten Fruit
Scientific Name: Cordia Latifolia
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Assyrian Plum / Sapistan / Lasora (سپستاں, لسوڑا) or Sebesten Plum bears edible mucilaginous fruits (drupes) with sweet taste. The sticky white substance from the fruits can be extracted and as used as glue. Fruits can be eaten fresh, dry and pickled.

Fruits exhibits significant anti-ulcer and cytoprotective effects. As they are expectorant, demulcent and hence are useful in dry cough, catarrh, coryza, chronic bronchitis, influenza and in burning micturition. The bark is high in tannic acid and applied topically on erysipelas, spider-poisoning, ulcers and boils.

It is used traditionally in treatment of dyspepsia, fever, ringworm, ulcers, prolapsed of uterus/vagina, headache, affection of urinary passage, diseases of lungs and spleen. The leaves, fruit, bark and seeds have been reported to exhibit antidiabetic, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and analgesic activities.



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