Lumbago Backache Kamar ka Dard کمر کا درد – پیٹھ کا درد


General pain in the lumbar region or lower back.

Persons most commonly affected:

Adults of both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved:

Lower back.

Symptoms and indications:

Pain in the lower back or in any other part of the back. Pain may radiate to the buttocks or upper leg.

Causes and risk factors:

The exact cause of which is often unknown. The pain can come on after lifting things, or overuse or it may come on without previous exercise or training. It may also be caused by an inadequate environment such as poorly designed seating or work surfaces, or too soft a bed.


Staying active. Resting for long periods of time is not helpful for those with back pain, so it is important to get on with your life within the limits of your pain.
Gentle exercise is beneficial, especially swimming in a warm swimming pool.
Developing good posture and having a firm, supportive chair and your worktop / desk at the correct height.
Resting and sleeping on a very firm, flat surface (some people actually sleep on the floor).

Herbal Supplements available