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Organic Garlic Powder ( Lasan Powder )

لہسن کا پاؤڈر



Garlic is one of the key ingredients available in our kitchens. May it be cooking or treating any minor illness this small pod works wonders in everything.  Since ancient times, garlic has been used to treat wounds, parasites and intestinal disorders, and in recent decades this popular culinary bulb is known more for its perceived role in the management or prevention of conditions such as cancer and heart diseases. Garlic contains sulfur compounds, enzymes, and a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fiber with some of this bulb’s health-promoting components not yet known or realized. Garlic Powder is not only good for us, it has been linked to reducing or even helping to prevent four of the major causes of death worldwide, including heart disease, stroke, cancer and infections.

Ingredient Name :

Allium sativum Linn.

Arabic Name : Thoom, Foom

Bengali Name : Rashun

Chinese Name : Hsiao suan, Da saun

English Name : Garlic

German Name : Knoblauch

Gujarati Name : Lasan, Shunam

Hindi Name : Lehsun, Lasan, Lasun, Lahsan

Kannada Name : Bellulli, Lashuna

Kashmiri Name : Rohan

Latin name : Allium sativum Linn.

Marathi Name : Lasun

Persian Name : Seer, Balboos

Punjabi Name : Lassan, Lasun

Sanskrit Name : Lasuna, Rasona

Urdu Name : Lehsun, Lassan, Seer

Recommended Dosage:

2 to 3 g of fresh garlic or 500 mg – 1 g of dried powder.

Consuming it regular can give you a lot of health benefits as;

Lowers cholesterol level.

Helps in weight reduction

Reduce risk of several types of cancer

Fights against bacteria

Treats cold and infections

Helps reverse hair loss

Controls blood pressure

Helps improve dementia symptoms

Treats diabetes

Either you are using it for seasoning your favorite meals or you want to use it for a health benefit, garlic powder is an excellent choice.

People use Garlic powder occasionally for seasoning and cooking and they ignore the fact that how beneficial it is if it is used for health purpose.

Our Garlic Powder is introduced with special concerns for a better health.

Why Use Our Garlic Powder and not the Fresh Raw Garlic?

It’s a lot easier to add it to your meals, especially if you are a 9 to 5 person.

Our Garlic Powder is prepared under strict observation and quality standards with its full potency in our stores for up to several days. We don’t add any colors, flavors, nutrients or preservatives to make this seem like real garlic, it is real garlic, with all original nutrients, Fragrance, colors and flavors intact.

And above all, it’s way nutritious and healthy as the fresh ones.

How do I use Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder can be used to marinate meat, especially in grilling types.

Butter the bread. Be generous. Sprinkle on the garlic powder. Lots is good! Next sprinkle on the grated Parmesan cheese. Lastly sprinkle on some paprika for color and flavor.

Does the dehydration process of the Garlic degrade nutrient quality, too?

No, not our method.  We do not follow the high-heat techniques of the past and have created a unique method that evaporates water molecules using natural light. That’s because of the technique we are following, the nutrients are locked in at the moment of dehydration and stay that way for years.

If still there is any confusion and you feel lost about the usage of Our Garlic Powder, contact us on our given mediums and one of our representative will be there to assist and guide you thoroughly.

Useful in Following diseases:

– Acne Vulgaris
– Angina Pectoris
– Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis
– Arthritis
– Asthma
– Bronchitis
– Cardiovascular Disorders
– Colic
– Common Cold
– Cough
– Diabetes Mellitus
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Fevers
– Flatulence
– Flu
– Gout
– High LDL Cholesterol Level
– Hyperlipedemia
– Hypertension
– Hysteria
– Indigestion
– Infertility
– Intestinal Worms
– Nausea
– Oedema
– Persistent Infection due to Low Immunity
– Piles
– Premature Aging
– Rheumatism
– Sciatica
– Sexual Debility
– Sinusitis
– Thrombosis
– Ulcers
– Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
– Whooping Cough
– Wounds

The information is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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