Herbal Cure of Pyria

Pyorrhea is a very common periodontal disease that affects gums surrounding the roots of the teeth. It leads to inflammation, irritation and pus in gums further resulting in loosening of teeth. Pyorrhea is the primary cause for tooth loss in adults.

Causes of Pyorrhea:
Pyorrhea is caused by bacterial infection.Home cure for pyorrhea

Food particles get stuck in crevices between teeth. When teeth are not brushed properly and regularly, bacteria build up on teeth plaque. Bacteria convert these food particles especially the sugar into acids. These acidic elements putrefy the gums and teeth and induce Pyorrhea like conditions.

Other common causes of Pyorrhea include external injury of teeth and gums, improper use of toothpick and incorrect brushing.

  • Symptoms of Pyorrhea:
  • Pus oozing from margins of teeth
  • Swollen and inflamed gums
  • Loosened teeth roots.
  • Sepsis of digestive tract or liver disorders, if pus persists for a longer time.


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