Chicken With Broccoli Recipe


1 tea spoon of butter or oil
1 chicken fillet
1 cup (2 dl) of canned crushed tomatoes (or makes your own)
0.5 -1 cups (1-2 dl) broccoli
4-5 fresh basil leaves or more cut in pieces
0.5 cups (1 dl) of water 


 Make sure that the chicken is completely free from skin and bones.

Clean and cut the broccoli. If you need to save time, use frozen broccoli.
Cut the chicken in small pieces.
Fry the chicken carefully on low heat. Make sure it doesn’t get burned or actually any hard surface at all from the frying.
Add the tomatoes, broccoli and basil
Add water and boil the food for a few minutes until the chicken is done.
Taste it to see if you want to add some more basil
Puree the food the consistency you want. Add more water if needed