Tulsi Green Tea Niaz Bu Chai


 تلسی کے پتے، نیاز بو کی چا ےَ

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What if there is just one drink that can cure your stress, and help you lose weight as well? How wonderful that would be, right? Instead of spending loads on expensive products and treatments, you can stick to this one single drink that can get your job done and also give other long-lasting benefits!

The benefits are so many! Some of them are here:

1. Encourages Weight Loss:

2. Helps De-Stress:

3. Delivers Antioxidant Nutrients:

4. Dissolves Kidney Stones:

5. Lowers Risk Of Cancer:

6. Prevents Osteoporosis:

7. Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Ailments:

8. Keeps Cold And Flu At Arms-Length:

9. Gets Rid Of Chest Congestion:

10. Improves Skin And Hair:


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Plastic Container

Plastic Container


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