Ten Terrific Herbal Teas

If you are thinking about adding an herbal tea closet to your kitchen but don’t know where to start, consider these ten terrific teas. They include some traditional medicinal herbs, some modern favorites, and they represent a well-rounded variety of teas from roots, flowers, leaves, fruits, and whole plants. They will treat many disorders, help to tone your system, and strengthen your resistance to disease.

Astragalus—A root tea with amino acids to restore your immunity, and maintain strong defenses. It also can be used to enhance other teas.


Chamomile—A floral tea to help you unwind at night. It easesstomachaches, soothes your nerves, and lulls you into sleep. It also fights E. coli.


Cranberry—A berry tea for vitamin C, B-complex, iron, and calcium— the antistress nutrients. It also cleanses the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys.


Dandelion—A root or leaf tea for toning your liver and removing toxins. It’s a natural diuretic with potassium to maintain electrolyte balance.


Echinacea—A root tea for colds, flu, infections, gland swelling, and inflammation. It also can be used as a topical wash for skin infections.


Eyebright—A tea for the computer age; the whole plant eases eyestrain, lifts your spirit, clears your head, and gives you a very calm focus. A great tea to take at the office for late-night meetings.


Peppermint—Known as a cure-all, it’s a tea for instant energy. The whole plant eases pain, headaches, and tension. A great tea to take in a thermos for long-distance drives. It reduces stress without putting you to sleep.


Plantain—A leaf tea that detoxifies your blood and is a decongestant for mucous membranes. It’s an excellent tea to keep on hand for emergencies—in case of poisoning or toxic conditions. To clean wounds —plantain tea can be used for a wash or a compress.


Tonic Tea—To strengthen your whole body for vital energy. Eastern Tonics—ginseng root, dong quai root Western Tonics—sage leaves, whole plant of rosemary


South American Tonics—suma root, yerba mate leaves The Tenth Tea? Your special needs tea is the one to add that perfect finishing touch to your modern medicinal kitchen.