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Indian Costus Root Kust e Talkh

قسطو تلخ

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Description :

Kushth Saussurea luppa; Costus is recommended for the rejuvenation of each and every part of the body. It specially nourishes the reproductive organs i.e. why it is often recommended as a supplement in infertility. It also works well in menstrual disorders especially painful menstrual cycle. Kushth is also beneficial in skin diseases. It is also useful as an anti ageing supplement.

Details :

Botanical Name: Saussurea lappa
Hindi Name : Kuth,Bhrungaraja Kula,Kut Root, Kut, Kushtha
English Name : Indian Costus root, Kuth
Telugu Name : Changaluva,Kosthu,Kushtam
Tamil Name : Koshtam
Malayalam Name: Kottam, Seyuddi
Bengali Name : Kood
Gujarathi Name: Kudu, Upalet
Kannada Name : Koshta
Farsi Name : Kust:E:Talkh
Arabi Name : Kuste
Bengali Name Kur, Pachak
Gujarati Name : Uplet, Kath
Hindi Name : Kusht, Metha Kut, Kur, Pokharmur
Kannada Name : Changal Kustha, Koshth
Latin name : Saussurea lappa Clarke
Marathi Name : Upleta, Kustha
Persian Name : Qusht Shirin, Koshtah, Bustak
Sanskrit Name : Kustha, Kushtha

Part Used :


Medicinal Uses :

• Kushth powder should be taken with ghee and honey in routine for long and healthy life.
• Kushth powder should be taken as a supplement in male infertility.
• Kushth removes foul smell; possesses antibacterial, analgesic, complexion enhancer properties and benefits in skin diseases, therefore it is used in chronic ulcers, headache, toothache, synovitis, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatitis as a poultice or fumigation.
• Kushth is applied locally in alopecia. Kushth oil is used for massaging the gums.
• Kushth is appetizer, digestive and carminative i.e. why it is used in loss of appetite, indigestion, ascites, colicky pain, diarrhea and cholera.
• In rheumatoid arthritis, castor oil + Kushth are given orally.
• Kushth pacifies the Kapha Dosha and is expectorant and hence used in cough, asthma pleurisy hiccups and dyspnoea.
• Kushth is used as a diuretic in renal disease.

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