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Gurmar Capsule



This herb has been given the name ‘gur-mar’ meaning ‘sugar destroyer’ because of its property of abolishing the taste of sugar. It has the unique property of inhibiting the taste of sugar. Because it has molecular structure similar to that of sugar, it blocks up to 50% of the absorption of sugar. In doing so, it will not effect the taste of food but will suppress the desire of sweets. It has been in India for about 2000 years to regulate sugar metabolism with success.

The plant is diuretic and antidiabetic. This is one of the main herbs used for healing diabetes mellitus. It has been believed, therefore, that it might neutralise the excess sugar present in the body in diabetes mellitus. It has been used in India as a remedy against this condition with success. The leaves raise insulin levels in Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes by regeneration of the cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin.

Other research has shown that it also improves uptake of glucose into cells by increasing the activity of the glucose utilizing enzymes, and prevents adrenaline from stimulating the liver to produce glucose, thereby reducing blood sugar levels in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It decreases cravings for sweet as it abolishes the taste of sugar. Gurmar Capsule has been successful in controlling the blood sugar level without reducing it to below the normal blood sugar level, an effect seen with the use of insulin or oral hypoglycemic sulfonylurea compounds.

The leaves are also noted for lowering serum cholesterol and triglycerides. It also acts as a cardiovascular stimulant.


Each 250 mg. capsule contains:

Gymnema sylvestre Dried Extract (9:1) (Gurmar) 250 mg.


Anaemia, diabetes mellitus, elevated triglycerides, glycosuria, high LDL cholesterol level, hypoglycemia and polyuria.


There are no contraindications.


There are no known side effects.


Take 1 capsule twice daily before meals with water. Herbal medicines provide progressive, long-term benefits. Gurmar Capsule needs to be taken for at least 3-4 weeks before the benefits of taking it can be experienced.


Many people still believe that eating too much sugar causes diabetes. This misconception arises because diabetes is diagnosed by measuring blood sugar (glucose). But dietary sugar is only part of the picture. According to two recent Harvard studies, a diet rich in certain high-carbohydrate foods — those low in fiber and with a high glycemic index — increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, at least in those predisposed to it.

Men and women whose diet have a high glycemic index and low fiber content more than doubled their chance of developing diabetes. Foods that seemed to pose the greatest risk are white bread, white rice, potatoes, and sugary soft drinks. In contrast, whole-grain breads and cereals (rich in fiber and with a lower glycemic index) appear to reduce the risk of diabetes. Fruits and vegetables don’t seem to have an effect, good or bad.

Excessive amounts of carbohydrate-rich foods with a high glycemic index puts pressure on the pancreas to produce more of the hormone insulin, which stimulates the body’s cells to take in and store glucose. Over time, the body may become resistant to insulin. In such insulin-resistant people, the cells become less and less sensitive to insulin. This is characteristic of Type 2 diabetes. Of course, not everyone on such a low-fiber, high-starch diet develops diabetes. There seems to be a genetic predisposition to diabetes, which may be exacerbated by this kind of diet.

Obesity is probably the leading risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. Family history of the disease, advancing age, and lack of exercise are other important factors.

The mineral magnesium has a protective effect against diabetes. A few studies have suggested that this mineral improves insulin sensitivity. But since whole grains are rich in magnesium, it’s hard to say whether the proposed benefit is due to something else in the grain (notably its fiber) or the mineral.


In packs of 60 capsules.


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