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Banyan Tree Milk Bohar ka Doodh


 -بوہڑ -برگد

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Banyan is one of the trees which has got special mention in Hindu mythology and is a well-known tree. It is a standing-straight, erect and one of the high values tree. It bears oval-round shaped leaves which resembles those of Jack-fruit leaves.The leaves of the banyan tree are large, leathery, glossy green and elliptical in shape. Like most fig-trees, the leaf bud is covered by two large scales. In India, Banyan tree is regarded as a sacred tree. Most of the temples are built beneath it only.

Branches of the tree are widely spread out from which grows Ariel roots, which grow downwards and touch the ground. The stem is whitish brown and thick.The plant also bears flowers which are actually not visible; it develops into fruits which are round with small and numerous seeds in it. Trees bear fresh leaves in May-June and bear fruits throughout the year.

English name- Banyan tree
Hindi name- Bargad
Sanskrit name- Vata, Nyayagrodh, Jagrila, Vitapi, Bahupad
Bengali name- Bada Gacha, Bata
Arabic name- Kavirool, Ashjar
Kingdom- Plantae
Family name- Moraceae
Botanical name- Ficus benghalensis

Health benefits of Banyan Leaves and Milk

1. To Improve facial glow-

  • It cures all types of skin problems.
  • It cures acne or patches on skin.
  • t brings glow to the skin.

2. Cures Ear problems-

  • It cures the boils and kills the worms.

3. Treatment for Hair problems-

  • It cures baldness and grow new hair.
  • It cures all types of hair problems.
  • It helps increase the hair length.

4. Treats Nasal bleeding-

  • It is the fast, instant and one of the best cure for Nasal bleeding.

5. Good for Tooth problems-

  • Use this powder to brush the teeth.
  • Apply the Banyan milk on aching tooth. It gives relief.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in the milk and apply on the cavity of aching tooth.
  • It cures Halitosis and also aids in all kinds of tooth infections.

6. Treats Excessive Urination-

7. Helpful cure in Diabetes-

  • It is beneficial in curing Diabetes.

8. Treats Diarrhoea-

  • It immediately cured Diarrhoea.
  • It gives immediate relief.

9. Treats Nausea-

10. Cure for Urinary disorders-

  • It cures urinary disorders and seminal weakness.
  • It is nutritive and rich in minerals, thus a good cure for all types of Urinary disorders.

11. Treats Swelling of Eyes-

  • It cures corneal opacity.

12. Helpful in Severe ulcers-

  • It cures the ulcers and swellings very fast.

13. Immediate cure for Burns-

  • It brings immediate relief.

14. Treats Itching-

  • It cures both dry and wet types of itching.

15. Helpful in Bleeding Diathesis-

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