Irregular Menses Haiz ki Kharabi


Occurrence of periods that do not occur regularly or depart from a regular pattern referring to time, form or proportion.

Persons most commonly affected:

Females of over 13 years of age.

Organ or part of body involved:

Female Reproductive System

Symptoms and indications:

Irregular periods.

Causes and risk factors:

Emotional stress and physical illness are also common causes of menstrual irregularities although the menstrual changes may not occur at the time of the perceived stress. Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common cause of persistent irregular menses.


Avoid stress. Also avoid red meat and diary products. Stop the use of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes. Maintaining good nutritional habits and normal weight and avoiding over strenuous sports can probably be beneficial in preventing secondary amenorrhoea.

Herbal Supplements available