Herbal Remedy For Anxiety, Fear and Tension

The following compound of Natural ingredients (nuts) regenerates brain tissues. It is beneficial in tension , fear and anxiety states. It produces natural hypnosis.


1. Prunus amygdalus (Sweet almonds, Naghze badam shreen)  = 15-20gm
2. Sesamum indicum (sesame seed, Sufaid till, tukhme kanjad)  = 15-20 gm
3. Papaver somniferum (poppy seed, tukhme khashkhash) = 15-20 gm
4. Lagenaria vulgaris (Tukhme Kadu shreen, Gourd seed) = 15-20 gm
or Cucurbita maxima (Pumpkin Seeds, Ghea Kaddu)
5. Lactuca Scariola (Lettuce seeds, Tukhm e kahu) = 6-10 gm

Ground all the ingredients together . 40-50 gm sugar can also be added to taste.

You can also add 40-50 gm chocolate chips for delightful taste. Sugar and chocolate chips can be added during grinding stage.

One can use it with water, or add to hot milk, or add to hot horlicks,

It is very tasty.

Try it, It is safe only nuts of fruits and vegetables are used.


1- 2 teaspoonful in hot milk in morning and at night after breakfast and dinner.