Henna Water

Henna is a medicine that stops bleeding & it is the best drying agent for open wounds. Even for wounds inside the body like stomach ulcer, bleeding piles, uterine tumors (that result in heavy menstrual bleeding among women), we have given Henna to hundreds of patients and they were all cured. Patients having blood in urine (due to kidney stones) have also reported relief with Henna water.

HENNA is a miracle; not only to dye the hair but it is a cure for many ailments (when taken as Henna water or powdered Henna leaves are added to herbal blends), such as :

  • It fragmentizes kidney stones & expels them out easily as GRAVEL (in the urine)
  • Henna reduces Gout, Uric acid & urinary tract infections
  • It is a cure for bleeding piles
  • Kills bacteria such as H Pyroli
  • Controls Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) & Leucorrhoea (diseases common in women)
  • Henna reduces high blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • Helps Diabetic patients by eliminating the urge of frequent urination
  • Given to patients suffering with food poisoning
  • Good for ulcerative Colitis, IBS & peptic ulcers
  • Best for drying the sounds, kills fungus
  • Expels out (vide urine) blood impurities, hence helpful for kin disorders like ACNE, Eczema, Psoriasis, etc.

How to make Henna water:

At night add 8 to 10 grams of dried Henna leaves in a jug, fill 2 glasses of water and cover with the lid. Leave it 8 to 10 hours then pour it in glass with strainer so that leaves remain in the jug or strainer. Drink 2 glasses of Henna water at empty stomach (some honey can be added) & take your breakfast after 2 hours. You may note dirty colored urine with impurities expelled out.


Those who have are using first time should drink it daily for 7 ~ 10 days, after which it should be taken once a weak.

And because Henna is cold natured; it is necessary to neutralize it with a hot substance, so always take Henna water with a teaspoon of ground Kalonji seeds (Habbatul Saudaa’) or a teaspoon of Frankincense.

Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that if a Leprosy patient drinks Henna water for 40 days, he will be healed Insha’Allah.

Never use henna powder which is available in the market because it it has colors & contamination.

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