Garlic Infused Olive oil

Garlic and olive oil are the strongest natural antibiotic made in your home that has many benefits
Garlic shredded in olive oil stronger prescription slimming and stronger antibiotic
You can put cloves of garlic after being punctured with a fork or needle after sterilization in a bottle of olive oil and then closed and left for two weeks, then drink three tablespoons on an empty stomach every morning … It is useful in:
▪ Blood filtering , stomach weight loss
▪ Liver filter
▪ Remove kidney stones
▪ Useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids drink and fat
▪ useful in the treatment of joint pain fat
▪ Hair loss treatment

Besides treatment of several other diseases. ..blood pressure. the heart. The cold …
Drink two spoons morning with empty stomach.

Ready to drink also available

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