Dr. Shalini Weight Loss Plan

Ramzan diet plan to lose 22lbs

General For Sohar & Aftar

  1. Almond milk (75g + 2 litter water) (Recipe of Almond Milk at the end) (Buy Almond Here)
  2. Yellow drink / yellow tea (Recipe of Yellow Drink at the end)
  3. Sandalwood edible oil with water [Buy it here Sandalwood Edible Oil For Weight Loss]
  4. Rose Water (use it when you’re not in fasting state i.e. before sehri and after Iftar all the night) [recipe of Rose Water] (Recipe of Rose Water at the end) (Buy RoseWater Here)
  5. 1 Tsp Fat Loss Tea with water [Buy it here Slim Fat Tea]

Sehri Plan

Bread/Roti/Paratha (Do not apply ghee/oil on Paratha directly on the stove. Take it off from the stove and the apply ghee/oil on the surface of Paratha)

Chicken/Mutton/beef anything kind of meat you can use.

Consume 1 Liter of Rose water in Sehri

Boiled egg 2 to 6 (as you wish)

Take yellow tea after sehri

Take edible sandalwood oil for weight-loss

1 Table spoon Fat Loss Powder with Water

10min before fast starts (Means before Fajar) take Almond milk with 1 Date

Iftar time

Break Fast with Almond milk and Dates (200ml milk)
Just after that 1st take yellow tea and offer salat
Fried Fish, Fried Chiken (or on Tandori form can be used)

Carrot with chicken as a soup
Pea soup with cheese/meat

Kindly Note that, Just take 1 to 2 alternates. You don’t need to take all the stuff at a time. Take all these alternatively.

Do not use mutton and beef in dinner

Do not take watery products like khera, kharbosa, tarbooz etc yeah sb mucus produce karta hai empty stomach main.

It’s not recommended to take Fruits in Iftar they will absorb water in body.

Take fish, chicken, biryani, but no roti bread paratha etc in iftar or in dinner it will Bloat your body.

Take any vegetables fried or curry form.
Use soothe Cabbage

Lakin raat main mutton ya gosht nahi khain. You can take Chicken, Fish and Eggs that are light meat forms.

For munching at night take seeds of any kind like sunflower seeds, flake seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.

How to Make Rose Water?

2 liters water per person to boil this water
1 Hand full of rose pastel
6-8 Green Cardamom (hit them twice to make it in ground form)
1 tablespoon Fennel seeds (don’t add this in acidity)
Cool it down and use it in Sohar and Iftar

How to Make Almond Milk?

Take 100 Grams of Almonds, soak them overnight.

Use blender Jar and Add Water upto 3 glasses. Blend it well.

Add Brown Sugar (as per taste)