Bulk Buying


jariboti.pk also supplies the bulk requirements of manufacturers, retailers, and producing practitioners. Quantities being 20kg or greater (depending on the particular herb) are considered bulk quantities. Pricing is determined using the specifics requested by the customer, and is quoted per individual enquiry.

Bulk quantities are available in a number of varieties – i.e. organic certified, organic non-certified, non-organic. As well as forms including cuts, grinds, and powders.

Jariboti.pk currently offers some of the most competitive pricing compared to other distributors of organic herbs and spices! Order our organic herbs, spices, and teas in bulk for huge discounts of up to 25% off the already low prices.In addition to the discounts available for herbs, spices, and teas, we also offer economical prices on our carrier oils, essential oils, containers, and bulk ingredients.

These product prices reflect a built-in discount online when purchased in the larger sizes. So much better than a coupon, these deals are available all year round!

To ensure that all the detail required is supplied to meet your inquiry please call on +92 3 111 021 062