Lecor Qars Leucorrhoea Treatment


50 Tablets

Dosage: For females above 12 years:Two tablets thrice a day with milk.

Storage Instruction: Store in a cool dry place.

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Abnormal, foul smelling, slimy, frothy, dirty white, greenish or yellowish discharge from female genitals which is accompanied by inflammation, irritation and redness is known as Leucorrhoea (Vaginitis).

Leucorrhoea can last for weeks or about a month and may affect the reproductive organs of women.

Leucorrhoea is mainly experienced during puberty, when sexual organs are developing in a woman. Leucorrhoea can be very irritating and damaging if left untreated.

Effective remedy for leucorrhoea. Coral calcium and Alum are therapeutically recognized source of calcium and astringent ingredients.

  • Reduces frequency of maturation
  • Source of calcium and astringent
  • Check unhealthy granulation

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Plastic Container


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