jariboti Itrifal Zamani


اطریفل زمانی

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Itrifal Zamani is useful in chronic cold and catarrh, headache, dizziness migraine, rheumatic pains and intoxication. It also stimulates peristalsis and relieves colic pain. Beneficial in chronic constipation. Act as mild laxative.


Amla Khushk, Banslochan, Burada Sandal, Safaid, Post Bahera, Post Halela Zard, Saqmonia, Sana, Gule Surkh, Halela Siyah, Kateera, Gul Banafsha, Gul Nilofar, Sapistan, Unnab, Berg Banafsha, Roghan Arandi, Shakar Safaid, Sat Leemun.


5 to 10gm with water before sleep

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Plastic Container

Plastic Container


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