Herbal Anti Lice Oil


بالوں سے جوؤں کا خاتمہ


If you’re experiencing an outbreak of head lice in your family, don’t worry. A simple solution, bring this anti lice hair oil (Lice Clear Oil) to resolve your embarrassing problem.


  • Helps to fight head lice and eggs
  • Known for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and insecticide qualities
  • Gives you a positive result

How to Use:

What you need: Herbal Anti Lice Oil, Comb, Shower Cap

  1. Apply the Herbal Anti Lice Oil thoroughly on the head.
  2. Make sure the oil is evenly spread out on the scalp and hair by gently massaging the oil into the hair especially the area close to the skin. Make sure there is no patches where the oil did not get to. You don’t want to allow lice to hide in those untreated areas. They might have a small brain, but they are smart (smarter than you think!)!
  3. Put a shower cap (try to remove air between the shower cap and the hair) or wrap saran wrap on the head. This way you can suffocate the lice.
  4. Have your child sit with the oil in the hair with a shower cap for an hour. (The instruction says leave the oil for an hour.)
  5. Comb the hair with the special comb. After each time, dip the comb into a tub of hot water to release any lice.
  6. Rinse the oil.
  7. Comb the hair again with the comb.
  8. Repeat the process 7 days later.


Additional information


120 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml


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