Gulancha Tinospora ( Sat Gilo )

also known as
Heart-leaved Moonseed
ست گلو
Scientific Name: Tinospora Cordifolia
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Gulancha Tinospora is a large climber with succulent,corky,grooved stems with the branches sending down slender pendulous fleshy roots.The plant belongs to the familyMenispermaceae.The leaves are membranous,7-9 nerved,5-12 cm. long,rounded or cordate which is heart-shaped.Male flowers are clustered in the axils and the yellow female flowers are usually solitary.The fruits are pea-sized and red in colour when ripe.


General debility or weakness,dyspepsia or indigestion,fevers and urinary diseases.
Antispasmodic,antipyretic or helps inreducing fevers and anti-inflammatory.
Gout,which is characterized by the inflammation of the joints.
Visceral obstruction and leprosy.
Rheumatism and jaundice.


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