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 زرد مینا


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Burdock is a wonderful herb known for its numerous health benefits which include, aiding in digestion, detoxifying the liver, balancing hormones, improving skin quality, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood pressure. Burdock root was used, along with other plants, for healing measles, sore throat, cold, and even tonsillitis by ancient Chinese medicinal practitioners. A botanical cousin of the nutritious artichoke, the roots of this plant gives a sweet, pungent flavor. However, the flowers and leaves taste just like artichoke.

Benefits Of Burdock Roots

1. Natural Cure For Skin Disorders

2. Fresh And Clean Skin

3. Permanent Relief From Scalp Disorders

4. Combats Hair Loss And Treats Dandruff

5. Burdock Tea Rinse

6. Burdock-Honey Infusion

7. Good For Digestive System

8. For Healthy Kidneys

9. Helps To Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

10. Aids In Weight Loss

11. Natural Anti-Cancerous Agent

12. Helpful In Treating Liver Disorders

13. Natural Antibacterial And Anti-fungal Agent

14. Purifies Blood And Safeguards Your Heart

15. Natural Cure For Cold And Fever

16. Good Source Of Potassium

17. Improves Immunity Levels

18. Eases And Prevents Rheumatism

19. Cures Diabetes

20. Keeps Cancer Away

21. For A Healthy Mind

22. For Healthy Digestion

23. Keeps Kidneys Healthy

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Plastic Container


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