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Bhakhar بھکھڑ

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Kharshkas (in the traditional medicine texts of Hasak, Khash, Shokhohj, Skokhum) is a plant of shoots.

The thistle is four-part and soft, but sharp thorns .

The turtle is seen in hot weather and even in the desert .

Herbaceous grass is a herb, one year old, with stems lying in broad, wide branches on the surface of the soil and covered with tar, the leaves and young stems of which are covered with fine silk cords. The opposite leaves are often unequal and composed of small leaflets that have 3 to 4 pairs on the sides of the main thorax. The flowers are small and single yellow. The fruit is an unshaken shizzakapa that disperses and disperses when it reaches its five parts. Each of these five parts is at the outer surface of the barbs. The parts used are herbs, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and, sometimes, all the members of the plant, but most of all its fruit is used. The color of its fruits is greenish, yellowish, odorless and distinct.


The fruits of this plant are collected in the late summer and early autumn. This plant has a large dispersion in different parts of the planet. So that it can be seen in most parts of the world. Chemical compounds of Khargask plant include resin, perspiration, fixed oil, alkaloids, polyphenols and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine. There are five types of glycosylated material, all of which contain glucose, and in addition to glucose of rhamnose sugars, it also includes arabinose. Tricolor is used as a diuretic, excretion of urinary tract stones. In the past, for Torkhlask, he had a diuretic effect on urinary tract stones, and it was used as a therapist for infection and inflammation of the gum . Products from the market include prostatitis, drops of schnapps, and drops of Aphrodite.


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