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Regardless of whether you tend to be bitten or not, you have to be aware that there are a number of diseases being carried by the mosquito. Most notably this list includes dengue and west nile virus. There are a number of very effective antiviral herbs that can be used to recover from illnesses such as these, but it is much better to avoid them altogether.

These homemade bug repellent recipes are non-toxic and smell fabulous.

The body lotion formula makes a light, lasting moisturizer that helps repel mosquitoes and black flies while soothing your skin.

Think about this: the reason plants produce essential oils is to protect them from insects and other predators.

So when you use essential oils to protect your skin from bugs, you’re using a completely natural, effective approach. Without harmful chemicals!

This homemade insect repellent has a fresh, light citrus scent that keeps you smiling while also keeping the bugs away.

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